Wow, time flies by when you are busy with painting and doing shows.  I thought I better take some time off and get caught up with emails and blogging…I have several new pieces that I have just completed and already new ones on board in the studio. Life is different now, and studio time is different..I have a retired husband, so we have done some traveling. We took a trip to South Dakota..saw Custer State Park..lots of buffalo and Mount Rushmore. Great Experience, and lots of new ideas to paint. This state just oozes with history of the West and times that were ……I personally could have melted into the past.


2015-01-26 162906 This is a painting I did of the charming, busy little Mountain Quail..You can here them scurry through the brush or catch a glimpse of them at the creek coming in for water. The stone is mushroom jasper and was a perfect match for the quail.

2015-01-07 150607 Crysacolla was the canvas I used for the was amazing the birds we saw on the waterways.

2015-01-25 182525Not only to be heard, but to be seen..this was a fun woodpecker to paint on a red jasper.

2015-02-05 180003I just finished his piece..Brought back lots of memories of ranch life in Oregon.


.2015-01-02 145504  Look what my camera captured..these buffs walked right in front of our little tiny Ford Focus..Picture Jasper was a must for the canvas. I was amazed at the wild beauty of these Prairie Giants..

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and view my new paintings.

I have no show plans for this summer as of yet and am debating whether to do shows or concentrate on my Etsy Store and Galleries. I need some input from all of you…

BIG QUESTION…DID YOU ALL ATTEND ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOWS LAST YEAR AND WERE THEY LOCAL OR WHEN YOU WERE TRAVELING?  Any info you could provide me would be greatly appreciated…just use the comment box…Thanks so much.

Weather is warming too quickly here in Colorado and my lilacs are starting to bud out..I know the good ol’ ground hog saw his shadow, so if we have 6 more weeks of winter, let it come quickly..secretly I am ready for Spring…Blessings to you all.

I have a big favor to ask…could you email me and let me know if you attended any arts and crafts shows last year..we are doing a survey…thanks …

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