Springtime Snow in Pagosa Country

Yep, woke up to 4 inches of new snow and chicken feather flakes falling. It is definitely spring time in the Rocky Mountain State.

Tomato seedlings, peppers and herbs are now occupying my kitchen window sill and the green house is in shape ready to go ..already have lettuce and spinach up.

Today our bird feeders were packed with a surprise variety of birds from Common Red Polls, Sparrows, Juncos and Evening Grosbeaks. They were all taking turns..pretty funny to watch. On the ground we had Turtle Doves and of all things 4 big fat Robins..now that is a sure harbinger of Spring.

2013-03-13 143149.jpg1This painting on Brazilian Agate of a Prairie Falcon I spotted camouflaged in the branches of a group of Aspens near our county fairgrounds. This was fun piece to work. It is currently at home at Southwest Gallery in Downtown Pagosa.

2013-04-05 115156Ravens are very plentiful here where I live and Springtime seems to bring them into the yard. This piece of sand stone was a perfect background for this Raven. Take time and observe these remarkable birds..They seem to be very intelligent and always on the lookout.

2013-04-20 123649My newest water color with pen and ink. This is a painting of the American Avocets which migrate through our waterways in the springtime. They remind of sophisticated birds on stilts with their snooty up turned bills which allows them to scoop through the water in search of small fish and other critters. Wildlife near a pond is always rewarding although, sometimes the wait is long.

2013-04-08 152628Hear the sweet sounds of a bird? If you are near a pond or lake, chances are it is a Redwing Blackbird. these birds can sing and sing, and melt your heart, so that you can forget about all the stress in life. I painted him with water colors and some pen and ink work.

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