That’s My Story and I’m Stick ‘in to it..Springtime in the Rockys

It has been a challenge to paint lately with our changing day sunshine, then windy, blustery and snowy.

The desk is full of show schedules to decide on, gallery orders are coming in, and my new rock shipments have arrived. Time to roll up the shirt sleeves and press in to start paint all the wildlife that lives among the stone canvasses.

I have a charming  little boutique gallery in Madrid New Mexico called Gifted are a few New Mexico style paintings that are being shown …

2014-03-06 144900 

Hummingbirds are attracted to I played with a little color on  color with red-toned jasper and Hot Chili Peppers..this was a fun piece to do. I created this while it was snowing outside..warmed my day.

2014-03-08 125545

Prickly Pear Cactus is a real draw to Hummingbirds in the New Mexico Territory..

2014-02-26 161214

The Agave Plant is a native to New Mexico and Dragonflies are such a beautiful sight to see as they dance around the blossoms. This piece was painted on Brazilian Agate. The wings of the dragonfly have several layers of color glazed over each other to create an air of transparency.

Madrid New Mexico is rich in Spanish Heritage and the back doorway into Albuqueque. History is alive and well!







Changing Colors on the Rock..Spring is on the way…

Days are starting to warm, and the sound of Spring is in the air..Canada Geese flew over the house yesterday and a jaunty Red Poll bird was just  at the feeder. My paintings are warming up and the colors are changing as so goes the season.. I just finished my annual wholesale order for the Tucson Gem and Mineral was fun with lots of new pieces… Now I am doing some of my favorite subjects to paint… 2014-02-19 155246 This wolf is painted on a wonderful piece of jasper with copper in it. I named this the Copper Creek Wolf. It is going to travel to Gifted hands Gallery in Madrid New Mexico. If you have never visited Madrid, you are in for a real is quaint and full of history.. 2014-02-17 160323 Chrysacolla is the canvas for this portrait of a wolf. This piece is sold . I enjoyed painting this wolf as the stone was the perfect compliment. 2014-02-13 150152 New Mexico Wolf..painted on an earthy colored piece of Brazilian Agate..I imaged him living in the Sheep Springs Area of New Mexico..but then who knows, he could be in your back yard???? He is sold and will be living in a private collection in New Mexico. 2014-02-11 122058This is not a stone I would normally use for the canvass for this wolf, but the colors seemed to lend themselves nicely for the background as the seasons are changing..from the cold snow of winter to the beautiful colors of spring…this stone is Ocean Jasper and this piece is going to the gallery in Madrid..Gifted hands..