Where does time go..Spring is around the corner…

November was my last post, then Christmas (busy doing shows), then along comes January, with bitterly dry cold winter weather, not much snow and finally we got reasonably normal in February.  Spring is finally starting to arrive in Pagosa Country as the weather is warming and yesterday I saw a beautiful Blue Bird in mating colors, several Canada Geese, lots of Redwing Blackbirds and the most incredible sight..a magnificent Prairie Falcon, nestled in a barren Aspen tree. His colors blended so well, I almost missed him. I clicked my camera and got a shot of him and he is now started in a new painting on a piece of natural colored Brazilian Agate. I can’t wait to work on him tomorrow.

I spent some time this winter in honing up my pencil work, along with pen and ink with water color washes. I have a new line of pencil sketch wildlife art cards and have been enjoying a change of pace.

2013-02-27 210847This was fun painting in a loose Czeanne style with a limited palette, pen and ink. Cards are 5×7″ hand slip into a standard frame.

2013-02-19 092316These are done in pencil and are also 5×7″ cards. I began by art career many years ago with a lowly pencil and piece of paper..still my first love.

Now on to the new stone work…

2013-02-28 155507 Amethyst Sage is the canvas for what I call “My Magnificent Bear” ..which are about and about in Pagosa Country.

2013-02-22 133313I am not sure what this stone is, but has lovely colors tones that reminded me of the Rocky Mountains where these mountain sheep live.

2013-01-27 134751This Loon is painted on a piece of Amethyst Sage and went to Tucson to the Gem and Mineral Show. I believe it has a new home at the Crystal Cache in Lakewood Colorado. This was a new challenge for me..I had never painted a loon..did them in pen and ink..

2013-01-25 181828 Wolves still are one of my favorite animals..new design..painted on Amethyst Sage.

Well so much for paintings..I will be doing 5 shows here in Pagosa starting June 22/23, July 6/7, July 20/21, August 3/4 and August 31/September 1. Tentatively schedule to be at the Quality Inn ( same as last summer). Will be looking forward to seeing all of you this summer in Pagosa Country by the Lake.

My etsy store site is .http://www.etsy.com/shop/SylsWildlifeArt

Thanksgiving in Pagosa Country..

The air is crisp and cool, with the smell of wood smoke filling the air and the Rocky Mountains out my window are frosted with snow, like icing on a cake.

I have been busy with new paintings of wildlife and I even did a Hawaiian Butterfly fish on Amethyst from Creede Colorado.

and now that Thanksgiving is over, well stuffed with turkey and dressing, I will be back in the Studio working on new stone and pursuing some pen and ink sketches of wildlife.

This was my new experiment..pen and ink with a wash of acrylics handled like water colors, with a technique similar to Cezanne.  This is available in a print and will be on my etsy store in a few days.

The rainbow trout in the San Juan are a real challenge to catch, but when the water is crisp and cold, there is no better flavored trout. These piece is painted on Natural Brazilian Agate.

This was a delightful piece of Brazilian Agate to work with…lots of natural impressions in the stone, lending itself to rocks and vegetation found in nature. It was a perfect habitat for this bull elk.

Pagosa sported a great arts and craft show and it was a wrap for the winter…just in time before the snow flies..and the Christmas season hits with all the hustle and bustle.

Thanks to you all for reading my blog and following my art..lots of new ideas on board and look forward to venues…check my etsy store in the next few weeks as it should be up and running..http://www.etsy.com/shop/SylsWildlifeArt

Merry Christmas…

Colorado Indian Summer with Blue Skies, Warm Days and Crispy Evenings..

August flew by with gardening, canning, painting and getting the wood in before winter.

I have been painting and doing some new pencil sketches which are featured on my Etsy Store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SylsWildlifeArt along with prints of my original stone art work.

This is a new piece I did for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. It is painted on stone called Seraphinite which comes from Russia and is usually associated with jewelry. As you can see, this stone is iridescent and has angel wings thoughout. It was a delight to paint on.

 This piece is painted on Amethyst Sage of two bull elks locking horns in battle. Hunting season has started and the elk will soon be in rut. This piece was sold at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

Loved this stone..have no clue what is is called, but made the perfect canvas for this Rainbow Trout.

This New Mexico Wolf   is one of my pencil sketches and is available in 5×7″ prints, matted ready to frame, or framed in Old Barn Wood.  Sometimes as artist’s we need to have a diversification and I have gone back to the pencil from whence my art career started.

 While out cutting fire wood, the chipmunks were everywhere…so what would be more appropriate in pencil than these two busy little critters. Available in print …5×7″ matted, ready frame, or framed in Barn Wood.


Thanks for letting me share my art with you …I pray you all have had a great summer and are enjoying the fall season with its colors and changing landscape.

My work is shown locally here in Pagosa Springs at Southwest Elegance and Cowgirl Traders in Durango next to the train depot. Be sure to visit my etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SylsWildlifeArt. I will be adding new art work weekly..






Pagosa Country Summer Art Fest..

Three fabulous shows.. Thank you  Pagosa Art Lovers and all of you Wonderful Summer Visitors ..you all made it happen. We are so grateful for your support and attendance . I am starting to paint now and get ready for the big September Labor DayArt Fest that will be forthcoming at the Quality Inn. We would love to see all of you there, but know that for those of you that escape to Colorful Colorado for a vacation,  it would be a long trek.. I am working on a  Pagosa Rainbow Trout which is painted on natural colored Brazilian Agate.  Should have it completed tomorrow and will be posting it shortly. I am expanding my line of prints of my original art work created on stone  and will be pursuing some new projects including pencil drawings and some new and refreshing pen and ink sketches with colored washes. This will be my fall projects and should have a whole new line for the holiday shows in November.

This classic buckaroo of the Southwest was painted on Picture Jasper and I used a photo of one of our fearless mounted Sheriff’s Posse, with a little revision of uniform to chaps.  The longhorn cow and calf I found out on Cat Creek Road a year ago when they still ran longhorns. They were fun to shoot with my camera and really are a reminder of the history of  Pagosa Country.  The print is matted and  fits a 5″x7″ frame and I am using old barn wood frames made by Richard Sutherland of Pagosa Springs. What’s better than the Cowboy Way!

Home on the Range with the Buffalo of Wyoming was originally painted on Picture Jasper which has patterns of the mountains (like the Tetons) in the stone. I have 5×7″ prints, matted and ready to frame or framed in old barn wood. This was a painting I thoroughly enjoyed doing as it is reminiscent of our heritage of the old west and the pioneers that founded our country.

I will be posting art work on my store  at www.etsy.com/shop/SylsWildlifeArt

Once again, thank you all for having three fantastic shows this summer…If you have any questions, or special requests for art work, let me know..look forward to writing to you again..

Syl’s Echoes of Nature July Wrap with Art Show Pagosa Country

With two shows under my belt for summer, I will showing at the Quality Inn in Pagosa Springs.  The shows this year have been wonderful, and they are all fine art and crafts created by some of the finest artisans in Colorado.

I have a new line available now, prints of my paintings on stone, matted and ready to hang in hand crafted barn wood frames made by local craftsman Richard Sutherland.

  This White Buffalo is painted on Picture Jasper and is available in print 5×7″.

Picture Jasper is the canvas for these buffalos and is available in print 5×7″.

This is a new piece I just finished painting on Petrified Wood. The design of the stone frames this buff in lightning strikes. Also available in print 5″x7″.

Look forward to seeing you at the show..