Syl’s Echoes of Nature Wildlife Art on Stone

 Thank you for stopping in to read about my life and why I paint. I am Syl Holly Lobato, Wildlife Artist who some may call my work “contemporary” but I am very realistic about portraying wildlife as they  were created …but I do it on stone.

I live in Pagosa Springs Colorado with my ever so supportive husband Lee. If you like the great outdoors, Colorado is the place to be..wildlife here is incredible.

I spent many years in the ranch lands of Oregon and the Southwest Desert of Arizona. My wide spectrum of landscapes and wildlife has given me a vast knowledge of North Country with its babbling creeks, as well as, the “Cutting Edge of Light” found in the Arizona Desert. For beauty unsurpassed and inspiration, Colorado is the ultimate for wildlife and mountains.

I hold a degree in Art from ICS.

I presently have gallery representation in New Mexico, Colorado, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. I do a few shows in and around Colorado.  Most of my works are in private collections in the United States, England and Japan. I am a member of the Wildlife Artist Netlink.

As all artists, I painted in oils, water color, acrylics and did some pencil drawings in black and white as well as colored.  In 1998 I ran head on to a new concept of art..Painting on Rock..but not just any rock. I use Marble, Granite, Brazilian Agate, Jasper, Picture Jasper and Petrified Wood and some stones that have no names yet. I select stone from all over the world, like Africa for Petersite.  Each Stone Canvas tells its own story from the design found in its facial features. The stone has become my canvas and my paintings vary from landscapes with white water streams to wildlife including marine species. Each piece is unusual and lives in the stone. The new “Canvas” opened a window for creativity and color which keeps my imagination working over-time.  To me Stone is Nature’s Story Book.

My studio is in my home which allows me the freedom to paint and enjoy my husband as well as pursue my gardening..veggies and flowers.

3 thoughts on “Syl’s Echoes of Nature Wildlife Art on Stone

  1. Hi Syl,
    We recently bout some of your wonderful art pieces at the Tucson show from West Coast Mining. We are going to put them on our website and wanted to put a little about you with the description and a link to this site. Is there anything in particular you would like us to mention or just provide a link to your website? We should be adding your items soon to our site.


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