Wow! Happy Fourth of July

Amazing how time flies when you are busy and busy it has been. We took a two week driving vacation to visit family  and new great grand kids [that was a real adventure)  through Utah,  Idaho, Oregon and Nevada…3100 miles later..but worth every bit of it!  This was in the  middle May….first show right around the corner.. Ah ha. I was on top of the game and had been working in the studio burning the mid night oil before V Day (vacation day).. Here are some of new pieces….


2014-05-31 160627

This stone had such lovely colors with a hit of orange and yellow..perfect canvas for a prickly pear cactus with the species Magnificent Hummer found in the arroyos of Arizona. This piece is at the Gifted Hands Gallery in Madrid New Mexico. If you have never been there, this is a charming area …back way from Santa Fe to Albuquerque..unique and rich in history of the Turquoise Trail.


2014-06-28 172302

Any one out there a Garth Brooks fan??  Love his song..Wild Horses Keep Callin’ Me Away…so that is the name of this painting which is on a fabulous piece of Picture Jasper. This was a commission and is in a private collection.


2014-07-01 172700

While visiting the park and Royal Gorge in Canyon City, Colorado, I took this photo of a young Mountain Sheep..the Polk a dot  Jasper was the perfect canvas..Enjoyed painting this as it brought back the memories of a long run a way week end …The weather was cold and windy..but that is Colorado Rocky Mountains for you. This piece will be shown this week end at the Quality Inn..Pagosa Artfest..July 19th and 20th..hopeful for fair weather..


2014-03-18 142229

Fun and frolicking on the pond..that’s what beavers do! This piece is paint ed on a Blue Brazilian Agate, which gives the impression of water and a complimentary color with the golden aspen leaves. Beavers are really a fun animal to paint. This piece is sold and in a private collection.

Summer has been cool and rainy with lots of thunder storms..every show…but tents are good and weights held in the wind. This week end should be clear and if you are in the area, visit us at the Quality Inn…..