It’s a wrap for 2013..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Pagosa Country

This is my time of year to  reflect on the art work, check my supplies and get see what critters will be living on my stone canvasses.

Below is  a new little guy…the friendly Beaver..

2013-12-23 175011.He  is painted on Picture Jasper and is ready to find a home to dwell in. Size is approximately 5″x7″ . $70.00. Includes easel. Beavers are really very interesting and comical animals to watch as they are always busy doing something either building dams, gnawing on trees or just splashing a round. After observing these little guys, I realize where the old saying came from…”Busy as a Beaver”.

2013-12-31 135713This Bald Eagle is looking at what?? I will leave it to your imagination. He is painted on a piece of Red Jasper and will be wing it to Tucson Arizona to the Gem and Mineral Show at will be displayed at West Coast Gem and Mineral Gallery.

2013-08-01 123233This Bull Elk is in the rut..Just think hunting season is several months away..This piece is on Amethyst Sage which has a background of trees and earthy formations . This piece is sold.

2013-12-04 170721Play day in the snow..? Painted on Amethyst Sage and Chalcedony.This wolf piece is at home for the present time, at the Damselfly Galleries in Midtown Kentucky. Check out their website for a unique gallery.

Well I am off to the studio as I just received several boxes of new stone to paint Christmas in January..Take care and my the Good Lord watch over and keep you in 2014…