Thanksgiving in Pagosa Country..

The air is crisp and cool, with the smell of wood smoke filling the air and the Rocky Mountains out my window are frosted with snow, like icing on a cake.

I have been busy with new paintings of wildlife and I even did a Hawaiian Butterfly fish on Amethyst from Creede Colorado.

and now that Thanksgiving is over, well stuffed with turkey and dressing, I will be back in the Studio working on new stone and pursuing some pen and ink sketches of wildlife.

This was my new experiment..pen and ink with a wash of acrylics handled like water colors, with a technique similar to Cezanne.  This is available in a print and will be on my etsy store in a few days.

The rainbow trout in the San Juan are a real challenge to catch, but when the water is crisp and cold, there is no better flavored trout. These piece is painted on Natural Brazilian Agate.

This was a delightful piece of Brazilian Agate to work with…lots of natural impressions in the stone, lending itself to rocks and vegetation found in nature. It was a perfect habitat for this bull elk.

Pagosa sported a great arts and craft show and it was a wrap for the winter…just in time before the snow flies..and the Christmas season hits with all the hustle and bustle.

Thanks to you all for reading my blog and following my art..lots of new ideas on board and look forward to venues…check my etsy store in the next few weeks as it should be up and running..

Merry Christmas…