Summertime in Pagosa Country


Noisy Woodpecker on Jasper

If you go out in the woods today, you will hear the rat-ta-ta-tat of the woodpecker. It is a neat sound and once you hear it, you will always remember the song he sings. I painted this woodpecker on a stone called snowflake. It has long since sold, and I was reminded of it in my memory page on facebook..Since then I have painted this little fellow again, on different stone. We have them in our neighborhood and they come into the feeder for a treat now and then.





These are some of my latest paintings.

The red fox is on Chrysocolla stone and is approximately 3×4 inches.

The black bear was a perfect match for this unusual piece of agatized jasper and is also approximately 3×4 inches.

Picture Jasper was the canvas for an African scene in which I brushed in a pair of giraffes. Had fun doing this one. It is available at Damselfly Gallery  in Midway Kentucky. If interested contact me for information. Size is 8 x9 inches.

This is an interesting stone..jasper with an agatized strip which made me think of a mountain stream high above and grazing elk. Colorado Mountains are my inspiration for this piece. This piece is available at the Artisans market Steamboat Springs Colorado. This is an eclectic gallery composed of Colorado Artisans.

Last but not least, the Sacred White Buffalo of the Lakota Nation. Picture Jasper is the canvas. Size is approximately 5 x 7 inches.

If you are interested in any piece, contact me for pricing.

I have re-opened my etsy store …the link is below…will be having a new inventory posted and available in the next week or so.

I have a new venue in work is being presented by the Two Old Crows Gallery on Lewis Street. Do stop by..the gallery is lovely and Pat and Evelyn are the owners and are delightful ladies who love art. This gallery has something for everyone.

It has been a busy summer and I have been working the Eastside Market every Saturday in downtown Pagosa. It is a fun event from 9 am to 3pm. We have live music all day, and different folks entertain. Lots of good farm fresh veggies and honey, plus a variety of artisans from photographers, jewelers and other crafts folks. It is something Pagosa can be proud of.

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2016 Springtime in Pagosa Country


Bear season has arrived in Pagosa Country. This painting is on a small piece of Jasper and lent itself nicely to  the Grizzly who was just checking out the scenery. He is painted with acrylic paint, sealed with clear coat and comes with a wrought iron display easel. Size is approximately 4×5 inches. Price is $50.00. Contact me for payment and shipping  arrangements.


Mid Summer? Rocky Mountain High

Summer has been a bit unusual this year. Garden is slowly starting to grow due to lots of rain and cool temps…still wearing sweats in the morning. I am not doing shows this summer as my husband is semi-retired and we are using our 5th wheel (Which we bought in April ) to do some fishing and camping out. I am getting some great photos to work from so I have been keeping busy. Here are some of my latest works….

Wolves were the object of my pencil work of late..size framed is 11×14″. Enjoyed doing them as the pencil allows you to create the softness of the fur and capture their elegance .


Photo below is my studio on is really fun to go out into the forest areas and relax and watch and photograph wildlife. I usually take my sketch book and pencils to work with, but after our first maiden voyage, I discovered I can paint on the rock, work my pencil drawings and run a way fishing..Life is good.



Wow, time flies by when you are busy with painting and doing shows.  I thought I better take some time off and get caught up with emails and blogging…I have several new pieces that I have just completed and already new ones on board in the studio. Life is different now, and studio time is different..I have a retired husband, so we have done some traveling. We took a trip to South Dakota..saw Custer State Park..lots of buffalo and Mount Rushmore. Great Experience, and lots of new ideas to paint. This state just oozes with history of the West and times that were ……I personally could have melted into the past.


2015-01-26 162906 This is a painting I did of the charming, busy little Mountain Quail..You can here them scurry through the brush or catch a glimpse of them at the creek coming in for water. The stone is mushroom jasper and was a perfect match for the quail.

2015-01-07 150607 Crysacolla was the canvas I used for the was amazing the birds we saw on the waterways.

2015-01-25 182525Not only to be heard, but to be seen..this was a fun woodpecker to paint on a red jasper.

2015-02-05 180003I just finished his piece..Brought back lots of memories of ranch life in Oregon.


.2015-01-02 145504  Look what my camera captured..these buffs walked right in front of our little tiny Ford Focus..Picture Jasper was a must for the canvas. I was amazed at the wild beauty of these Prairie Giants..

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and view my new paintings.

I have no show plans for this summer as of yet and am debating whether to do shows or concentrate on my Etsy Store and Galleries. I need some input from all of you…

BIG QUESTION…DID YOU ALL ATTEND ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOWS LAST YEAR AND WERE THEY LOCAL OR WHEN YOU WERE TRAVELING?  Any info you could provide me would be greatly appreciated…just use the comment box…Thanks so much.

Weather is warming too quickly here in Colorado and my lilacs are starting to bud out..I know the good ol’ ground hog saw his shadow, so if we have 6 more weeks of winter, let it come quickly..secretly I am ready for Spring…Blessings to you all.

I have a big favor to ask…could you email me and let me know if you attended any arts and crafts shows last year..we are doing a survey…thanks …

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Wow! Happy Fourth of July

Amazing how time flies when you are busy and busy it has been. We took a two week driving vacation to visit family  and new great grand kids [that was a real adventure)  through Utah,  Idaho, Oregon and Nevada…3100 miles later..but worth every bit of it!  This was in the  middle May….first show right around the corner.. Ah ha. I was on top of the game and had been working in the studio burning the mid night oil before V Day (vacation day).. Here are some of new pieces….


2014-05-31 160627

This stone had such lovely colors with a hit of orange and yellow..perfect canvas for a prickly pear cactus with the species Magnificent Hummer found in the arroyos of Arizona. This piece is at the Gifted Hands Gallery in Madrid New Mexico. If you have never been there, this is a charming area …back way from Santa Fe to Albuquerque..unique and rich in history of the Turquoise Trail.


2014-06-28 172302

Any one out there a Garth Brooks fan??  Love his song..Wild Horses Keep Callin’ Me Away…so that is the name of this painting which is on a fabulous piece of Picture Jasper. This was a commission and is in a private collection.


2014-07-01 172700

While visiting the park and Royal Gorge in Canyon City, Colorado, I took this photo of a young Mountain Sheep..the Polk a dot  Jasper was the perfect canvas..Enjoyed painting this as it brought back the memories of a long run a way week end …The weather was cold and windy..but that is Colorado Rocky Mountains for you. This piece will be shown this week end at the Quality Inn..Pagosa Artfest..July 19th and 20th..hopeful for fair weather..


2014-03-18 142229

Fun and frolicking on the pond..that’s what beavers do! This piece is paint ed on a Blue Brazilian Agate, which gives the impression of water and a complimentary color with the golden aspen leaves. Beavers are really a fun animal to paint. This piece is sold and in a private collection.

Summer has been cool and rainy with lots of thunder storms..every show…but tents are good and weights held in the wind. This week end should be clear and if you are in the area, visit us at the Quality Inn…..





That’s My Story and I’m Stick ‘in to it..Springtime in the Rockys

It has been a challenge to paint lately with our changing day sunshine, then windy, blustery and snowy.

The desk is full of show schedules to decide on, gallery orders are coming in, and my new rock shipments have arrived. Time to roll up the shirt sleeves and press in to start paint all the wildlife that lives among the stone canvasses.

I have a charming  little boutique gallery in Madrid New Mexico called Gifted are a few New Mexico style paintings that are being shown …

2014-03-06 144900 

Hummingbirds are attracted to I played with a little color on  color with red-toned jasper and Hot Chili Peppers..this was a fun piece to do. I created this while it was snowing outside..warmed my day.

2014-03-08 125545

Prickly Pear Cactus is a real draw to Hummingbirds in the New Mexico Territory..

2014-02-26 161214

The Agave Plant is a native to New Mexico and Dragonflies are such a beautiful sight to see as they dance around the blossoms. This piece was painted on Brazilian Agate. The wings of the dragonfly have several layers of color glazed over each other to create an air of transparency.

Madrid New Mexico is rich in Spanish Heritage and the back doorway into Albuqueque. History is alive and well!







Changing Colors on the Rock..Spring is on the way…

Days are starting to warm, and the sound of Spring is in the air..Canada Geese flew over the house yesterday and a jaunty Red Poll bird was just  at the feeder. My paintings are warming up and the colors are changing as so goes the season.. I just finished my annual wholesale order for the Tucson Gem and Mineral was fun with lots of new pieces… Now I am doing some of my favorite subjects to paint… 2014-02-19 155246 This wolf is painted on a wonderful piece of jasper with copper in it. I named this the Copper Creek Wolf. It is going to travel to Gifted hands Gallery in Madrid New Mexico. If you have never visited Madrid, you are in for a real is quaint and full of history.. 2014-02-17 160323 Chrysacolla is the canvas for this portrait of a wolf. This piece is sold . I enjoyed painting this wolf as the stone was the perfect compliment. 2014-02-13 150152 New Mexico Wolf..painted on an earthy colored piece of Brazilian Agate..I imaged him living in the Sheep Springs Area of New Mexico..but then who knows, he could be in your back yard???? He is sold and will be living in a private collection in New Mexico. 2014-02-11 122058This is not a stone I would normally use for the canvass for this wolf, but the colors seemed to lend themselves nicely for the background as the seasons are changing..from the cold snow of winter to the beautiful colors of spring…this stone is Ocean Jasper and this piece is going to the gallery in Madrid..Gifted hands..

It’s a wrap for 2013..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Pagosa Country

This is my time of year to  reflect on the art work, check my supplies and get see what critters will be living on my stone canvasses.

Below is  a new little guy…the friendly Beaver..

2013-12-23 175011.He  is painted on Picture Jasper and is ready to find a home to dwell in. Size is approximately 5″x7″ . $70.00. Includes easel. Beavers are really very interesting and comical animals to watch as they are always busy doing something either building dams, gnawing on trees or just splashing a round. After observing these little guys, I realize where the old saying came from…”Busy as a Beaver”.

2013-12-31 135713This Bald Eagle is looking at what?? I will leave it to your imagination. He is painted on a piece of Red Jasper and will be wing it to Tucson Arizona to the Gem and Mineral Show at will be displayed at West Coast Gem and Mineral Gallery.

2013-08-01 123233This Bull Elk is in the rut..Just think hunting season is several months away..This piece is on Amethyst Sage which has a background of trees and earthy formations . This piece is sold.

2013-12-04 170721Play day in the snow..? Painted on Amethyst Sage and Chalcedony.This wolf piece is at home for the present time, at the Damselfly Galleries in Midtown Kentucky. Check out their website for a unique gallery.

Well I am off to the studio as I just received several boxes of new stone to paint Christmas in January..Take care and my the Good Lord watch over and keep you in 2014…



Wow!! where has the summer gone..fall came so quickly this year, but when you are busy doing  art shows, it makes for a short time frame.

Summer in Pagosa Country was cool and wet with lots of thunder storms  during the shows. Thanks to all of you who came out and shared with all of the artists. You are appreciated.

In October the newly formed Pagosa Art Makers had a wonderful art show at the Pagosa Center for the Arts and Shy Rabbit. It was very professionally done with all sorts of arts, crafts and fabulous entertainment. Watch for the next show…it is amazing at the number of artists that call Pagosa home.

I have been putting in some long hours in the studio, but enjoying every minute  creating  wildlife on new and different stones. I love to look at the rock and say “I wonder who lives here”..

2013-08-17 155148This Appy is painted on a newly acquired stone called “Rolling Hills”. It reminded me of  the Book Cliffs near Grand Junction Colorado..lots of wild horses there.

2013-09-10 170159Brrrr,,nothing like a little Polar Bear Fun…This piece will be debuting in Tucson at the Gem and Mineral..with West Coast Gem and Minerals. It was a fun piece to do.

2013-10-17 131842Fun time with the Chick-a-dee..This stone was the perfect canvas for this little clinging bird. They love to fly in and grab a sunflower seed from the feeder and take off and hide in the nearby Pine Tree in our front yard.

2013-10-26 105149Rocky Mountain High where the Bald Eagles soar. This canvas I use is a stone called Coral.

2013-10-30 140303This is a special piece of Brazilian Agate that made a home for Wolves on a Snow Day. This piece was a labor of love and  will be shown at the Xmas Baazar November 2 1013. Approximate size is 15″ oval.

2013-10-23 143056Last, but not least, the infamous Rufus Hummer..

It’s a wrap for the night, and snow is expected…Show time is November 2 at the Community Center in beautiful downtown Pagosa Springs.  Next show is the Holiday Shopping Affaire at the Comfort Inn Suites, Pagosa.

I hope you enjoyed viewing some of my new paintings…look forward to seeing you soon..LIfe is good and I am so blessed by the Lord….

Springtime Snow in Pagosa Country

Yep, woke up to 4 inches of new snow and chicken feather flakes falling. It is definitely spring time in the Rocky Mountain State.

Tomato seedlings, peppers and herbs are now occupying my kitchen window sill and the green house is in shape ready to go ..already have lettuce and spinach up.

Today our bird feeders were packed with a surprise variety of birds from Common Red Polls, Sparrows, Juncos and Evening Grosbeaks. They were all taking turns..pretty funny to watch. On the ground we had Turtle Doves and of all things 4 big fat that is a sure harbinger of Spring.

2013-03-13 143149.jpg1This painting on Brazilian Agate of a Prairie Falcon I spotted camouflaged in the branches of a group of Aspens near our county fairgrounds. This was fun piece to work. It is currently at home at Southwest Gallery in Downtown Pagosa.

2013-04-05 115156Ravens are very plentiful here where I live and Springtime seems to bring them into the yard. This piece of sand stone was a perfect background for this Raven. Take time and observe these remarkable birds..They seem to be very intelligent and always on the lookout.

2013-04-20 123649My newest water color with pen and ink. This is a painting of the American Avocets which migrate through our waterways in the springtime. They remind of sophisticated birds on stilts with their snooty up turned bills which allows them to scoop through the water in search of small fish and other critters. Wildlife near a pond is always rewarding although, sometimes the wait is long.

2013-04-08 152628Hear the sweet sounds of a bird? If you are near a pond or lake, chances are it is a Redwing Blackbird. these birds can sing and sing, and melt your heart, so that you can forget about all the stress in life. I painted him with water colors and some pen and ink work.

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